Clare Howick
Clare Howick
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Clare Howick’s debut CD of violin and piano music by Cyril Scott is now available on the Dutton label,
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International Record Review January 2008


Following the success of Dutton Epoch’s series of Cyril Scott piano music CDs featuring Canadian pianist Leslie De’Ath, we now venture into the composer’s works for violin and piano. In a programme of Scott’s typically elegant, thoughtful music, violinist Clare Howick and pianist Sophie Rahman guide the listener beautifully through some of Scott’s finest scores for this particular instrumental pairing. The present disc explores the two sides of his violin-piano output: on the one hand ‘popular’ miniatures, either written by Scott himself for violin and piano or arranged by other hands from his piano originals; and on the other a major, mature work for the same combination, the Sonata Lirica of 1937. Other works on this release include Scott’s Andante Languido from Three Little Waltzes for piano (arranged for violin by Richard Lange), which appeared in 1906 but is believed to be among his earliest works, and Lotus Land, perhaps the most famous of all Scott’s works. Arranged by no less a virtuoso than Fritz Kreisler, the piece becomes less of a dreamy reverie and more of a passionate utterance. By the time we arrive at the mystically ecstatic coda Kreisler has convinced one that this is the medium for which this music was always destined.

"Sonata Lirica is a major find. In this likely world premiere performance, the composer is honoured by playing of some distinction: Clare Howick's consistency of tone and highly musical phrasing, admirably partnered by Sophia Rahman, make the best possible case for this work. There are otherostensibly lighter works here, all similarly well played ..." "Let us hope it [Scott's music] takes its rightful place in programmes, in which case this excellent disc will have played a valuable part in such restitution." Robert Matthew-Walker, International Record Review, January 2008

Gramophone Magazine March 2008

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